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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainians already got used to the kind of compatriots who rummage in garbage cans in search of a piece of bread. As a rule, these are elderly pensioners, orphans, disabled people in wheelchairs: social genocide of the government of Waltsman [Poroshenko – ed]-Groysman pushed people to the extreme limit. More than 80% of inhabitants of Ukraine are considered as beggars according to all international standards, however the authorities don’t stop at this.

Because after all, in an agrarian superstate no more than 15 million eaters must remain, that’s why people are deliberately brought to starvation. At the same time the Maidanist authorities hypocritically grieve the victims of the Holodomor genocide, however, they are not successful anymore at hiding the true feelings concerning “Stalin’s victims”: journalists several times caught Poroshenko joyfully howling at the most “sad” moments of commemoration of Ukrainians, victims of the totalitarian regime.

The installation of refrigerators in Kiev and Lvov for people in need of food looks like an open mockery. In the capital six refrigerators were destroyed and looted in two days by not-so-hungry bums, while the “cold chambers”  in Lvov remain for now. However, the free food from “philanthropists” won’t be enough for all persons in need. A horrific story was told on Facebook by the inhabitant of Odessa Lada Laferova:

“Someone threw bread to feed the pigeons, and immediately a woman pounced on this flock of birds. At first she quietly sat down near the pigeons, then, looking around, she drove away the pigeons and started to grab the pieces of bread directly from the ground and greedily push them inside her mouth. A couple of minutes later a mother with her child passed by and, having seen this, took some products from a package and gave them to the hungry woman,” wrote the observer on March 13th, admitting that she was simply shocked by what she saw. She gave to the suffering woman sandwiches and cookies.

“I’ve never seen something like that before. I’ve seen old men more than once at the markets beg for money for bread, but this is something else! Directly from the ground! What situation must the country be brought to where people really starve? They starve so much that they collect crumbs from birds. What is it they say there all the time about Holodomor? THIS is Holodomor! Right now and here!” said the indignant woman.

However, after this confession, Kiev residents also began to describe stories about neighbors who search for leftovers in garbage cans. “Recently, early in the morning I went to throw out the garbage. The Babushka from the neighboring house was rummaging through a trash can, and found there in a box an unfinished pizza, and hid it in a wrapper. Having seen that I noticed, she blushed and said that supposedly it is for the dog…” wrote Evgeny Kolody.

Some even describe skirmishes between unfortunate hungry pensioners for the right to sift through garbage cans near “rich houses” on Pechersk or in Obolon Lipki [rich district of Kiev – ed]. It is clear, that residents of Troyeshchyna or Borshchagovka threw in the bin only peelings, while Euro-optimists, who after the revolution bought elite housing, generously share scraps of salami and pies with the starving pensioners. Such is the new life. Soon unfortunate people will grab bones from dogs – after all “pigeon food” isn’t filling enough.

Note by Angelina Siard:

Paradoxically, this is a real sign that the European dream of Ukrainian “patriots” has already been fulfilled! I saw beggars and bums for the first time in my life when I visited France just before the dismantling of the Soviet Union. The same Soviet Union that Ukrainian Euro-integrators call the “prison of people”, but where such things simply didn’t exist.

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