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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Poroshenko’s administration introduced in the Rada the law on the reintegration of Donbass, which provides the replacement of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” (military operation of UAF in Donbass) with martial law. In fact, that’s all there is. Formally control over the operation passes to the military from the SBU. But all cauldrons that the Ukrainian army “won” anyway was planned by the General Staff. No soldier can leave the barracks without the personal order of Mr Muzhenko (the Chief of General Staff — the commander-in-chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine), and no unit can move even one kilometer.

To avoid confusion, Poroshenko is the Supreme Commander, but as there is formally no war, he has nothing to command. While the representative of the SBU holding the position of the commander of the special operation anyway depends on Muzhenko, under the authority of who are all regular formations that are at fighting in Donbass, except the National Guard subordinated to Avakov.

Since the first collisions that began in the spring of 2014, the Kiev regime went far and beyond the framework of a special operation, and beyond the framework of a legal regime of martial law. Neither this nor that provided the possibility for missile, aviation, and artillery attacks on residential quarters of cities. Neither this nor that provided for a blockade of a considerable part of two regions (including the regional centers). At this time, even the provided-by-legislation restrictions on rights in the event of the introduction of martial law (a ban on elections) didn’t work, but the non-provided – in the form of illegal searches, detentions, and murders – were introduced.

Nevertheless Poroshenko’s supporters tried to find a deep meaning in the renaming of the military operation into martial law. Firstly, in their opinion, it will give the chance to Poroshenko to personally head the operation HQ. Of course, Ukraine still didn’t return Donbass, only because the military leadership talent of Poroshenko wasn’t fully utilised.

The second argument — now Poroshenko will have something to talk to Trump about. Of course, up to this moment nobody simply understood that the most important thing is not to reach a mutual understanding with the DPR/LPR concerning the format of the general future or civilized divorce, and simply to invent a new name for the punitive operation. One can only imagine how Trump will be glad that Poroshenko has a real war.

Finally, the third argument, which by its power far exceeds everything that the first two can offer us. After all, indeed, now Poroshenko will be able personally to tell the inhabitants of Donbass that as soon as they capitulate, instead of passports of the People’s Republics Ukrainian, biometric passports will immediately be distributed, with which they will be able to immediately go to the Riviera, Biarritz, or even Corsica.

In fact, these are all the reasonable explanations of the presidential initiative that in a short time (from yesterday to today) his employees could invent. Later, probably, they will invent something more convincing. So far we can note that Poroshenko’s “initiative” was forced and undertaken at the last moment before his flight to the US to meet Trump. The State Department hasn’t confirmed yet that Trump knows of this intention of the head of the great European State, but the plane flew to the US long ago, so there is time to choose a format in order to not really strain Trump, and to provide a minute of fame to Poroshenko.

The key moment here is the forcedness of the adoption of the bill and the impossibility to postpone its introduction in the Rada before Poroshenko’s return. Although, it would seem that it was simpler to say: “I will consult Trump, and then we will decide”. Two-three days doesn’t change anything.

However, everything will fall into place if we remember that the first demand to change the name of the operation with something more adequate was made by known Kiev “hawk”, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Aleksandr Turchynov. This person is known not only by the fact that immediately after the coup he combined the positions of the acting president and the speaker of the Rada, and not only by the fact that he gave the order for the beginning of the military operation and achieved the first blood.

Turchynov’s greatest popularity was brought by the war with Russia that hasn’t yet taken place. Already for three years he, with enviable regularity, remembers how he gave orders to open fire to destroy Russian troops in Crimea. And how the military personnel of the UAF who aren’t willing to die heroically for Ukraine ignored them. As a result of which the war in 2014 didn’t begin.

But Turchynov still didn’t give up hope anyway to unleash it. The idea stated by them to replace the name of the operation with something more adequate precisely had to bring Turchynov to the realization of his dream of a full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. Turchynov wished to officially recognise the DPR/LPR as occupied territories. The local population can’t occupy itself, and they have a border only with Russia, so it is possible even not to officially name the occupier — and so everything is clear. Furthermore, according to him, martial law had to be imposed (perhaps, even across the entire territory of Ukraine — this question remained outside the brackets). And then there was the need to begin a new active operation to capture the DPR/LPR, in parallel accusing Russia of aggression and giving the operation the status not of civil war, but of an international conflict.

Not to be immediately crushed, the Ukrainian strategists weren’t going to cross the actual Russian border and even to penetrate Crimea. Yes, we are at war, but only in Donbass.

From Turchynov’s perspective, the idea looks much more harmonious and logical. This is another attempt to return international attention and support to Ukraine for the creation of conditions for the transformation of the conflict in Donbass from a civil one into an international one.

Just that a place isn’t provided for Poroshenko here. Irrespective of whether the Ukrainian army would manage to occupy the ruins of Donbass or whether they would die on the ruins of Ukraine, “hawks” from Turchynov’s environment appear as the beneficiaries, while responsibility falls on Poroshenko.

“Hawks” want war, hoping that by this they will stimulate the West into intervening. And if they won’t succeed to do this, then the US and Europe will be obliged to find for them a place for work as a government in exile, where Poroshenko is the President, who, besides civil, unleashed also external war. And for Ukraine — also as a politician who unleashed and lost all wars (internal and external), having destroyed statehood.

In this instance, he will be the enemy for all: for Russians and Ukrainians, for the inhabitants of Donbass and nationalist radicals, for the army and bureaucracy, for liberal Westerners and for Russophiles. He took away something from everyone, he spoiled everyone’s lives. Well, helpless and hated by all, he also isn’t needed by the West.

As it is known – if you can’t prevent a process, then there is a need to lead it. Poroshenko couldn’t refuse fulfilling the will of Turchynov on reformatting the special operation on the threshold of real war — it was demanded not only by the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, but also by tens of thousands of armed-to-the-teeth and well-organized radicals. They would’ve introduced the relevant bill themselves.

That’s why the attempt was made to introduce the same thing, (martial law) retaining its shape, but with emasculated contents. They introduced it before Poroshenko’s departure because they were afraid that during his absence radicals will introduce their own bill. Moreover, having returned from the US, irrespective of whether you have a photo with Trump, it is possible to affirm that he approved your initiative, and during two weeks (until it will be exposed) to pretend that “America is stood behind me”.

Well, two weeks for the present Kiev authorities is very big period of time, practically an eternity.

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    Donbas is a separate country and not tied to Banderistan laws or suggestions !