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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Earlier Ukrainians lived well, but were saying that it was bad. Now they live badly, but say that everything is fine. The western media scored a victory in the information war over the whole State. Nothing personal: in the information war — as in any war. President of the Center for System Analysis Rostislav Ishchenko spoke about this on the Unusual Week program with the Director of “” Inna Novikova.

In the recent western rating of the free press, Russia appeared in 148th place from 180. The Sun newspaper printed a photo of the excesses of Kiev fans, saying in the caption that it is Russian fascism. Such examples are in a great variety. What do you think, do we have to react somehow to such things, to  take the initiative, expose it? Is it possible in present conditions when information about Russia arises where even it is impossible to imagine?

“When you are going to be engaged in the information war, it is necessary to not simply take the initiative, but to create the information necessary for you. In the West they’ve been doing it for a long time. If your opponent resorts to some actions, you mustn’t block it. This information should be used for your own aims.

Here it isn’t very important what happened and that they said about it. Here it is important how you respond to it and what interpretation you gave it. After all, they will publish the same photos of Kiev fascists and say that it is Moscow fascists. And they will continue to behave exactly like they do with Bashar al-Assad: enemies will use a chemical weapon against civilians, and then say that it was used by Assad. It is infinite history.

Nothing personal: war is war. It is impossible in the modern information space to keep up with the flow of information. Besides this, it is impossible to immediately separate truth from fiction. It turns out that we aren’t aware of news which now we read.

What is it? An especially published fake, misinformation, a mistake or correct data? It is precisely for this reason that we must create our information picture of the world. Especially as it is now correctly said: people live not in that world in which they live, but in the one that the media created for them.

Recently I saw a pertinent phrase on social networks: earlier Ukrainians lived well, but were saying that it was bad. Now they live badly, but say that everything is fine. This very capaciously describes the situation in Ukraine. Yes, everything is bad now for people there, but many of them consider that it became better for them.

Tariffs grew, war began. They themselves admit that Poroshenko is a thief, a bandit, and a villain who is worse than Viktor Yanukovych. They say there was at least something human in Yanukovych, and that he wasn’t such a bad person. I.e. Ukrainians admit every fact: everything everywhere is bad, but in general it became for some reason better.

‘And why did it become better?’
‘We are now Europeans.’
‘And earlier who were you?’
‘We became more free.’
‘And how did you became more free if censorship appeared, and people are jailed for expressing their opinion?’

But they believe that what they are told, that they became more free. This is the work of the media, the real information war and, therefore, an informational victory over the whole State.”

The problem is precisely in the fact that the information war is so closely interwoven into the news space that it’s very difficult to find out where there is a lie and where there are real events.

“An information army is at war constantly because it is impossible in the modern world to wage information war from time to time. That’s why the people who are engaged in this, any event, even the falling of an icicle in Yekaterinburg, has to interweave into the general scheme reflecting their position and creating a world picture necessary for them. Earlier politics, economy, culture, sport, were segregated, and now even football fans are a political element. And in this way everywhere and in everything.”

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