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By Ollie Richardson

Even though the battle of Aleppo has only just begun, the Jihadists have had to do some serious reshuffling of the deck. Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, Al-Nusra leader al-Joulani rebranded his outfit as Jabhat Fath al-Sham (JFS), disengaging with IS in Khorasan Province and Al-Qaeda in Iraq, even writing a new constitution:


No translation necessary – nothing changed except the logo…

This change, simply put, is the merging of the central Al Qaeda leadership with the offshoot group in Syria – Al-Nusra. It is still the same ‘enemy’ that flew several planes into buildings on September 11th, 2001, and was founded by the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. But is JFS really the “enemy” still? For the Obama administration and allies, their fatiguing of Iranian and Hezbollah troops is beneficial, their threat to Russia’s  strategic interests in Tartus is beneficial, and their means to entice naive westernised “muslims” to enrol in the Mujahideen are also beneficial. If US foreign policy is centred around what’s best for Israel and the Military Industrial Complex, then any strand of Al Qaeda is the liberal man’s best friend.

With this in mind, the ulterior motive for Sky News’ interview with a key “Nusrat” suddenly becomes much more clear:

“It’s a necessary step forward in order to achieve the very much needed reunification of ranks in Syria and one of the core reasons of Jabhat al Nusra initially was disbanded and we created then JFS, was to remove any potential obstacles that may impede the success of a merger – like unnecessary affiliations.”

One very important question that immediately springs to mind is: Why is Rupert Murdoch, owner of Sky Corp, giving Al Qaeda a platform to speak from? If we consider Mr Murdoch’s background and tendencies, the answer is evident:

Perhaps the pro-war media knows that the system of arming the “FSA” trojan horses to later “surrender” their weapons to Al Nusra and ISIS is no longer viable, and needs a facelift. After Nour al-Din al-Zenki beheaded a 12 year old, and various videos emerged of hell cannons battering civilian neighbourhoods in Aleppo, the reputation of the US-vetted groups in the eyes of the western tax payer has taken a pummeling. Thus, there is a need to create an alternative good guy – Al Qaeda.

Enter Rupert Murdoch…

It also turns out that the alleged “Russian soldier” Sky News interviewed in Syria in August 2016 was… an actor. Russia Today managed to contact the actor and ask him some questions about his excellent performance:


Sky News “investigation”:


Also connected to this current phase of the information war is the news that the now-famous photo of a startled boy being treated by “doctors” in Aleppo is actually a White Helmets plant (watch the video to see WH employees). It should come as no surprise that Murdoch media also published the video.

If Murdoch’s connection to the Iraq war is not sufficient enough proof of his complicit role in executing the Project for a New American Century, the sudden portrayal of Al Qaeda as “saviours” should certainly be sounding the alarm bells inside the minds of ordinary citizens.

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