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By Ollie Richardson

Since the very onset of the Donbass war there has been a persistent undercurrent of pseudo-revolutionaries who feel the need to speak on behalf of the Novorossiyan people whilst sat thousands of miles away with a keyboard and mouse. If the year 2000 was known for the millennium bug, the year 2016 is known for the armchair “analyst”. The key parroted phrase uttered by “generation liberals in denial” is “Putin betrayed Donbass!” The logic of this comes down to the fact that Putin hasn’t dropped Tsar Bomba on Kiev – or in other words, he hasn’t committed genocide of ex-Soviet people. But this didn’t stop in Ukraine. The same desk-jockeys reprimanded Putin for trying to conclude a deal with the US over Syria, thus apparently forgetting about the people of Donbass. This was dubbed as “weak Putin”, “selfish traitor” or… yes, you guessed it – “Putin betrayed Syria!”

It is oddly paradoxical because these people claim to be against US creations like “al-Nusra”, “Right Sector”, Poroshenko, Hillary Clinton etc, but their thinking actually is fully aligned with the aforementioned terrorists. Coming back to the topic of Ukraine, State Department/NATO assets like Vladimir Suchan and Igor Strelkov are two of the most prominent anti-Russian forces being used to brainwash not only people in the west, but also the people in Donbass itself.

Suchan and Strelkov (S & S) try to implant a black/white hyper-emotional thinking mechanism inside the minds of those who are gullible enough to fall for their trickery. Twitter and Facebook are now rife with websites and forums that offer S & S free PR, the giveaway sign being the combination of words “Minsk”“Betrayal”“Putin”. This is possible due to a total lack of accepting that life is not all roses, and we as people cannot always get what we want – bad news for liberals!  But thankfully there are savvy people who are currently in Donbass, and who are not simply there for a cheap vacation.

Russell Bonner Bentley is a regular face on the DPR frontline, and it is safe to say knows a few things about actually fighting for something. In the video below he gives examples of recent comments made by Mr Strelkov, and highlights how anyone who takes such a coward seriously needs to have a good look in the mirror. If this isn’t enough to rectify the thinking of armchair analysts infected by Nuland’s cookies, then surely nothing is. 

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