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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the middle of June the US will throw military equipment and staff forward to Latvia for the Operation Saber Strike — 2017, which will take place 250 km from the Russian border. In July a joint operation will take place with the US and Ukraine. All of this happens against the strengthening of NATO’s military presence at the Russian borders. The Novorossiya news agency addressed the former military engineer of the US army, the public figure of Donbass, the volunteer Russell Bentley with the call sign “Texas” with a request to comment on the actions of the US, and also to answer the question “is the US preparing for war with Russia, by organizing and participating in such military actions”?

“Yes, I think that the people who control the US government, NATO, and the EU are preparing for war with Russia. By their actions it is clear that they are trying to rule the world as was done by Hitler, Napoleon, and Genghis Khan. The Russian people stopped all of them earlier, therefore the nazis of the 21st century know that they have to win against Russia if they want to rule the world. The historical mission of the great Russian people revolved around preventing any one country from conquering the world, and we will do it again if the need arises.

The ‘American century’ and the ‘unipolar world’ are simply code words for the desire and intention to enslave and use the whole world by the small ruling class, which uses western governments and armies as tools for world supremacy. And again, Russia gets in their way. And they already wage war against us – economic, political, cultural, and military.

The actions of the US Government after the collapse of the USSR showed absolute neglect towards international law, national sovereignty, honesty, morals, and general decency. Probably, the invasion and wars of aggression against such countries as Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and Syria, founded on doubtful or demonstrably false pretexts, illustrate this. In addition to the illegitimate wars based on hypocritical claims on ‘humanitarian intervention’ and the ‘right to protection’, these wars of aggression brought only massacres, suffering, and chaos. They increased human suffering and made the world a much more dangerous place. NATO and the western powers constitute danger and are the irreconcilable enemy not only for Russia, but also for the future of mankind.

The eastward advance of NATO is a clear and actual threat for Russia. NATO is a military organization consisting of nations that proved by their actions to be the real enemies of the Russian Federation, its people, and its allies. And NATO is today literally on the border with the Russian Federation. To pretend that this is not the case is to reject reality.

Russia is and must be the defensive military front. The people who govern NATO will strike a blow to Russia if and when they feel that they have a sufficient military advantage to prevail over Russian defences. This can never happen. Russia spends 1/10th of what the US spends on defense, but thanks to superior technology and military doctrine we are capable of protecting our nation and our interests. We have to remain strong and ready while there is a threat. And now it really exists”.

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