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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


This heroic video is walking on the Internet. Courageously extending out his left arm, lying stretched out, the once largest Russian official, former Advisor to the President on the economy Andrey Illarionov, pumps his little clenched fist. He is without his branded jacket. Clothing style — casual, but neat. It happens in the main military medical hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. By the way, of the order of the Red Star. Recently Illarionov fell into deep non-systemic opposition in Russia: he predicts the collapse in the country’s economy and in the political system. He performs abroad at the meetings of gentlemen, eager with the help of enlightened Western democracies to overthrow the hated “Putin’s regime”, who “occupied Crimea and started war in Donbass.”

That’s why to donate blood for the Ukrainian “cyborgs” who are at war “with Putin”, for Illarionov, is a matter of honor.

“I donate blood in Kiev for the first time,” modestly hints to journalists Illarionov, about his drive for the donation. “I hope it’s not the last. Why did I decide to donate? It’s evident. It’s a small contribution that we can make in this situation (in Donbass). We had a round table with Kiev colleagues, and we discussed what we can do together. Yesterday we were walking on Andreyevsky Descent, and near Andreyevskaya Church hangs the lists of the dead and missing. It’s a shock!”

I can only imagine what would have happened to Andrey, if he would have preferred instead of the cobbles of Andreyevsky Descent, for example, a walk in the upturned-by-bombs suburbs of Donetsk, turn into Kominternovo or Makeevka – on the streets of Kokkinaki and Stroitel, which were again bombarded these days by artillery shelling from the Ukrainian side. The entrance and the ground floor of one of the other entrances of the building are completely destroyed. On the fourth floor the holes are gaping. Before people used to live here. Now two were killed — including a girl of 6 years.

“We considered it our duty to come and donate our blood, courageously admits another Russian opposition leader, former Foreign Intelligence Service officer Pavel Basanets, who is also posing in the hospital next to Illarionov, in order to squeeze out a drop from himself… and no matter — if it is Hohol [pejorative term for Ukrainian – ed] or Katsap one [pejorative term for Russians – ed]. We came to show that we are united!”

Ukrainian TV presents this bloodletting as: “While some Russians shed the blood of Ukrainians, others give it”. It chills to the bone.

The third Russian oppositionist is mathematician Andrei Piontkovsky, who also rushed to undress his vein. But he was not allowed. For medical reasons. He supposedly had coffee with milk in the morning, so it’s impossible. Apparently, the blood for ATO (anti-terrorist operation – it is like this that Kiev officially calls a civil war in Donbass) soldiers must be juicy and wholesome and not a watered down latte.

At this time Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin is in Donbass — with a humanitarian mission — he brought a delivery of food and raised money for the wife and children of murdered battalion commander Motorola. Prilepin reports news every day from Donbass. And he also “salutes” the Russian opposition.

“Right now in Makeevka a doctor and a child perished, and another girl had half her face smashed in,” said Zakhar Prilepin to “KP”. “She survived but is crippled. She will need new plastic surgery. I wish our cultural figures will go further and not only donate blood to fighters of the Ukrainian army, but simply to donate all their organs entirely. Because it’s pointless to waste time on minutia.”

For unknown reasons, in this situation, I remember even the concentration camp Salaspils, where fighters from Germany against the Communist regime pumped from children the remnants of blood for wounded German soldiers. Or the episode with the blood transfusion from the comedy Welcome, or no trespassing. When during sleeping the excluded-from-the-camp Kostya Inochkin donated to the camp Director Dynin the most rare 33rd group of blood.

“Before you were my mortal enemy,” joyfully reported to the donor comrade Dynin. “And now a blood brother! But anyway I will not take you back to the camp. You were swimming in a forbidden place…”

It’s difficult to believe that in the whole Ukraine there is no blood for the wounded. So why is all this mise en scene played out? Do these oppositionists, donating blood to the Ukrainian punishers, who yesterday committed murder in civilian areas of Donbass, expect to make Russian people fall in love with them? After all, they have to try to make people fall in love with them? It’s true? Because they want to take power in Russia in their hands. And how to do it if people don’t love you? It’s not possible. They can only come to power by foreign bayonets, and suitcases with currency.

So why, is Illarionov with his colleague-oppositionists, doing everything for the Russian people to hate them?

Maybe they are not going to win people over to their side? And all their oppositionism is just a little cosy business for obtaining money from sponsors to fight the regime?

Of course, sponsors will like this bloodletting.

Only, one thing is not clear. How these people, after such actions in Kiev, openly, with a smile then sit on a plane and fly back to Russia. And nobody touches them here. While they continue as if nothing happened, to repeat to us about the “bloody regime”, which they are just about to overthrow.

Without batting an eye.

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