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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Employees of the SBU, trying to recruit a serviceman of the People’s militia of the LPR, threatened to hand his mother over to nationalists from Right Sector for punishment.

This was reported on April 21st by the Ministry of State Security of the LPR, referring to a telephone conversation between an employee of the Ukrainian special services and the militiaman of Donbass Aleksandr Lanov.

In the statement of the LPR Ministry of State Security it is noted that the employee of the SBU forced the militiaman to work for Ukraine using blackmail and threats of physical violence towards relatives living on the territory under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The serviceman of the LPR Army had to collect information that is a State secret and report to the SBU.

The militiaman said that the employee of the Security Service of Ukraine called him from the number of his mother and stated that currently a search is being carried out in the house of the LPR serviceman, and if he doesn’t cooperate with the SBU, then he will very much regret it. The SBU employee stated that if the militiaman doesn’t send him the necessary information then they will swiftly deal with his mother, or she will be handed over to “Right Sector” nationalists.

Furthermore, Lanov reported that he received a second call on April 19th. At the time the employee of the SBU stated that if the militiamen “doesn’t stop running and hiding”, then his mother will be “taken away”, and they will also take away his apartment, which is in the under-UAF-control Lisichansk.

“I want to address the international organizations that are on the territory of the LPR and to ask them to influence the Security Service of Ukraine and to explain to them that these are terrorist methods, and everyone makes their choices, and everyone lives how they want,” he said.

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