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Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

As has become the usual procedure for the Ukrainian media whenever photos and videos emerge of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the equally-as-Nazi volunteer battalions, ambiguous language is used to maximally diffuse responsibility – especially words like “terrorist” (no court in Ukraine has ever formally declared the DPR or the LPR as “terrorist organisations”). This tactic is used because the headquarters of the so-called “ATO” is not able to directly blame the DPR for incidents that occurre on the territory controlled by Zakharchenko. Otherwise, the proof would be readily available. Recall that the truth about the shelling of Kiev-controlled Avdeevka was accidentally aired on Ukrainian TV.

However, what is a fact is that during the early hours of June 13th, 2017, artillery shells landed on the Kievsky district of Donetsk, killing a mother and her son. This is proven by eye-witness testimonies, as well as the photos and videos from the scene. So the next question is – who did it?

Well, according to the article of the pro-Kiev Obozrevatel agency, although not explicitly stated, it is implied that apparently it was the DPR who once again shelled themselves, defying all laws of physics and logic. Note that both tweets used in their article come from pro-Kiev trolls:

“Terrorists reported about the horrible shelling of Donetsk: there are fatalities. Video and photos published.”

“In Donetsk, as a result of shelling two locals – a mother and son have died.

This was reported by separatist media, with reference to the so-called head of administration of the Petrovsky district Sergey Chuba.

According to the terrorists, the incident happened in the Petrovsky district.

‘About ten shells were fired across the territory of the Tochmash plant. There were direct hits on this plant, there are unexploded shells,’ stated the so-called head of administration of the Kievsky district Valentin Levchenko.

Locals on social networks also reported shells landing on the intersection of Partizansky and Kievsky avenues, on 1 Zhmury Street, (the skyscraper of Tochmash) and on 15 Zhmury Street.”

Fortunately, the resident of Donetsk Andrey Bardachev went to the scene of the shelling and did some fact checking:

“Friends! The latest crime committed by the UAF, once again I want to repeat that the Minsk Agreements don’t work. Today’s bloody Ukrainian power that sits in Kiev doesn’t carry out the international agreements of Minsk. Poroshenko and his bloody dogs do everything to kindle the fire of the war in Donbass. Ukrainians, watch the truth that is hidden from you by Ukrainian media.”

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