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By Ollie Richardson

Remember the time when hordes of armchair “analysts” were reprimanding Putin for negotiating with the US over Syria? Yes, these were the same people who advocated Russia turning Ukraine into Hiroshima, giving the US exactly what Stalin didn’t give them (via their proxy Hitler) over 70 years ago (Stalin didn’t attack first). What happened after September 11th, 2001, was a result of pro-war lobbyists executing their orders from upstairs. George Bush was stupid enough to listen to them, and so was Obama, although he resisted towards the end, as a full-scale intervention would essentially have handed the Middle Eastern keys to Russia via FedEx.

Well, now that the year 2016 is close to completion, the sounds coming from the keyboards of said “analysts” have become extremely muted.

Of course, Putin’s demonstration of a diplomatic masterclass in relation to Turkey has nothing to do with it. The very fact that Erdogan can go from one minute shooting down a Russian Su-24 on the Syrian border, to the next accusing the US of aiding ISIS and abandoning Turkish support for Al Nusra and “rebels” altogether is a total coincidence.

According to the “analysts” logic:

  • Putin should not have negotiated with the US over Aleppo. Instead, he should have negotiated directly with Abu Mohammad al-Julani – the head of what is now called Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. Perhaps at best Putin could have hoped to spare the lives of a handful of civilians. Maybe some agreement could have been made about what city would become an Islamic Emirate…
  • After the Su-24 shootdown, Putin should have listened to Zhirinovsky and nuked Ankara into the stone age. Revenge is important, especially in the short-term. There is absolutely no way sanctions and attacking Turkish proxies in Syria was ever going to work.
  • In fact, Putin should never have sent a delegation to Geneva. Talking is worthless. Drop more bombs! Kill everyone! No one must escape alive! The streets must be covered in blood – it’s called patriotism! Just like Ukraine – Putin is too much of a coward to massacre all Ukrainians. It’s the only lasting solution! The best way to solve a hungry mouth is to remove it from existence.
  • The best response to the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Karlov was to drop another nuke, but this time on Istanbul, or Incirlik. Smash it all to smithereens! It doesn’t matter if the assassin was loyal to Al Qaeda, the Turkish people must pay! Why are you such a coward, Putin?! Your inaction killed Mr Karlov!

However, the illogical, fifth column ramblings seen above are not so present today. Upon browsing Twitter and Facebook one can experience a pleasant surprise due to the fact that there is only tumbleweed where there was once hyper-emotional liberal-in-disguise tears. Where is the aggressive criticism now? Where are the calls to nuke Turkey or to withdraw from Syria and bomb Ukraine instead? Where are the calls to negotiate with the graduates from Camp Bucca? What’s the problem – Putin isn’t a failure anymore? He…actually defeated the CIA’s US (and Israel) in the Middle East? He initiated a geopolitical shift of such magnitude that the tectonic plates are even afraid? The silence is deafening.

So, the perfect response to this State Department sponsored tweet…

…can be found here.

“Sometimes it is necessary to be lonely in order to prove that you are right”

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  • Alija Izetbegović

    Chronic problem of US political elites-ignorance and utter incompetence

  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    I had an extensive exchange with the hardline communist Phil Greaves on Russian policy in general and Syria in particular. At every stage he likes to blame what he calls as the “Russian bourgeoisie” for selling out to the US and NATO, for being fooled by NATO, for being willing to sell-out Donbass, Crimea and Syria. I explained to him over and over that Russia ought to be careful every step of the way, otherwise the NATO Empire would monkey-hammer us without mercy. Negotiations, feigns, tactical retreats, sacrifices were all inevitable and necessary. What the Russian leadership has achieved in recent years (under the most hostile conditions imaginable) is unique on world history. Putin and his circle have managed to upend the mightiest Empire in the history of the planet, the North-American-European-Turkish-Israeli-GCC Empire. It was literally Russia vs the entire rich world and many of their slaves, and Russia came out on top. The name of Putin will echo in eternity.

  • Ollie Richardson

    I will add that he isn’t a communist, he is an Anglo Saxon liberal. He spits on the heritage of anyone born in the USSR, and wouldn’t know communism if it crushed his chest. His paid role is to lay the groundwork for the removal of Putin, but as one can see, Mr Greaves should keep his computer off.

  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    He sounds very much like a typical fanatical communist to me. He knows stuff that only communists know.

  • Ollie Richardson

    Strange, I can’t ever remember England being communist…

  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    Being a communist is not about where you are from. It’s what you believe in ideologically.

  • Ollie Richardson

    …which is tied to where you are from…