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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The woman was disgusted by the position of the Ukrainian President, who defended the General guilty of the air crash involving paratroopers near Lugansk.

The sister of the paratrooper Ilya Gayduk, who died in the Il-76 plane crash near Lugansk in 2014, returned to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko her brother’s award that was handed to him posthumously. The woman wrote this on her page to “Facebook”. Her actions are motivated by the fact that the Ukrainian President acted in support of the General of the UAF Viktor Nazarov, who was convicted for negligence in the lead up to the tragedy.

“Petro Poroshenko, in response to your open support for General V. Nazarov, the convicted negligence of which led to the death of 49 soldiers, I want to return to you the award ‘For Courage’ of the third degree that you gave to my brother posthumously. A short time after the Il-76 disaster you awarded the same order to General Nazarov, without specifying what it was for – 49 dead or for the destruction of military property?” wrote Ilyana Gayduk.

In addition, the girl reminded Petro Poroshenko that he ignored the appeal of the families of the killed paratroopers, in which they demanded to discharge Nazarov from military service during the period of the judicial investigation.

As a reminder, a Il-76 plane of the Air Force of Ukraine with paratroopers onboard was shot down by Donbass militiamen during its landing approach at an airport in Lugansk. As a result of the deaths of 40 paratroopers and nine crew members, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case. As was established by the Ukrainian court, the person guilty of the tragedy became General Viktor Nazarov, who gave the order to land despite messages that the plane can be shot down.

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