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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Federal News Agency (FAN) has at its disposal the video made by a marine of the UAF Dmitry Aleksandrovich Polevoy on his phone shortly before his death at the frontline in Donbass.

Dmitry Polevoy was born on February 2nd, 1980, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. A senior marine of the 1st company of the 701st separate battalion of marines of the 36th separate brigade of the marines of the Armed forces of Ukraine. This information is confirmed by the photo of the letter shown in his conversation with his mother.

He died near the village Vodyanoe (the Yasinovataya region) of the Donetsk People’s Republic on March 20th.

The position that Dmitry was ordered to occupy with the unit was in violation of the Minsk Agreements, and it was later treacherously abandoned by the Ukrainian command.

As was told to FAN by a source, the Ukrainian soldiers in this area were used as the tool to put political pressure on the DPR – it was demanded to urgently occupy additional territories of the Republic so that more favorable conditions at negotiations could then be obtained. However, fighters of the DPR could return the illegally occupied territories with minimum losses, and Dmitry Polevoy’s unit was actually left to the mercy of fate and suffered huge losses.

In the message to his daughter shortly before his death, Dmitry Polevoy in pure Russian, hardly holding back the tears, says:

“Hi, daughter. We don’t always get to speak with you by phone, that’s why I say hello to you this way. I want to tell you that I very much love you and I miss you … Now … Listen to mother … take care. And God willing – I will return from war, we’ll meet again … I love you”.

The soldier of the UAF had a presentiment that he will die soon because it was already known by then that the unit won’t receive reinforcements to their positions and won’t be supported by neither reconnaissance, nor artillery. In fact, the military personnel were abandoned and they knew it, leaving suicide notes on their phones.

Note that the units of the 36th Brigade of the Naval Infantry of the UAF where Polevoy served constantly shelled the peaceful settlements of the DPR. So, they took part in the shelling of the settlement of Bezymennoye in the south of the DPR during the celebration by inhabitants of the Great Victory. At that time three civilians were wounded, and 11 houses were destroyed.

Earlier in the village of Sahanka in the south of the DPR Prigoda Vera Alekseevna, born in 1939, was shot. The shot was fired by a sniper from the structure of the Islamic battalion that is in the zone of responsibility of the 36th brigade of Naval Infantry.

In general, Kiev considers the 36th brigade of Naval Infantry of the UAF as an elite unit. However, the question of plundering money by commanders was repeatedly brought up, and even incidents when military equipment didn’t reach the unit were recorded, having being sold under the counter.

Dmitry Polevoy was killed on March 20th. His mother unsuccessfully tried to reach her son on WhatsApp, and someone, apparently among his colleagues – wrote to his mother “he isn’t alive anymore …”:

Our sources, passing on the message to FAN, asked the publication to appeal to all mothers and wives of Ukrainian soldiers:

“Don’t let your family members go to fight in Donbass. This war is fratricidal and devious! You are deceived. We also appeal to the children of the Ukrainian soldiers and we say to them: Children, stop the war, don’t let your fathers come to the frontline. Let, at last, there be peace and justice in Ukraine”.

The FAN calls all those who are not indifferent to join the media movement with the hashtag #ChildrenStopWar, and through joint efforts to bring peace to Donbass.

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