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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Capitalism as a phenomenon was conceived and developed, first of all, within a national framework. It used the national state for its development and promotion.

Because the interests of domestic producers faced each other, between the States there were problems.

In the process of development, capitalism demanded an increase in volume and new resources, raw materials, and labor. Colonies began to be conquered, States turned into empires. Capitalism turned into imperialism. It had different forms. For example, American plantations required cheap labour – slaves began to be delivered from Africa in a mass scale, and they were used as slave labor.

At the beginning of the last century, V. Lenin wrote the known work “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism”. Maybe it still would be like that up to now, if not for the socialist revolution in Russia. The creation of the Soviet Union and the subsequent in this regard disintegration generated further transformations. In the framework of the national State, capitalism at this stage became narrow, and there weren’t any more colonies where it would be possible to freely scoop up resources and raw materials. The ideas of globalization – the freedom of movement of goods, capitals, services, and labor – appeared and began to develop.

The Soviet Union was the main obstacle to globalism. And after its disintegration there were already no restrictions.

Why pay workers in the US or Europe $2,000 a month for the same work when it is possible to build the same plant, the same factory somewhere in Malaysia and pay there $100 a month. So capital began to move freely to Third World countries, i.e. slaves didn’t began to be delivered to plantations, but workplaces began to move to slaves. But as the made goods needed to be sold where they logically could be sold more expensively, naturally it was necessary to remove trade barriers on borders. So there were “common markets”, “free trade zone”, etc. The power in the world was concentrated there, where the main financial resources carrying out the regulation of these streams was concentrated.

A paradox arose. Those countries that had uranium, gold, diamonds, gas, oil, etc. weren’t rich, but those who printed paper money. There was even a so-called division of labor. Structures were concentrated in the countries of the “golden billion”: crediting (banks, funds, etc.), marketing, insurance, various intermediaries, legal authorities, but what is especially important at this stage is that it is exactly here that the large scientific and technological centers were created. Third World countries were mainly engaged in the production of goods.

So, globalism is a new form of global division of labor, where super-expensive services and the creation of scientific and technological products are concentrated on one side, and other countries gained a pronounced raw-material character and became a factory of material production.

The destruction of the scientific and technical potential in the post-Soviet countries, which was carried out under the slogan of backwardness of our science and technologies, the implementation here of screwdriver and assembly production presented as investment progress is a bright manifestation of world globalist politics. Attempts of the Ukrainian leadership (2002-2004, 2006-2007, 2010-2013) to escape from this paradigm every time were rigidly harshly destroyed by coups. All chatter about European integration is easily nullified by a simple and clear question: what for the last three and a half years did the European Union order to Ukraine to develop in the field of new technologies? Between what large western companies and Ukrainian scientific and production associations were contracts signed, and for what? The answer: such cooperation doesn’t exist.

All my attempts at my time to achieve cooperation between “Boeing”, “Airbus”, arrivals of their delegations, our visits – ended without results.

It is clear that such globalism can’t suit the majority of the countries of the world. But all means are used in order to support it. The main things: money, force, and media. The enormous information and propaganda apparatus every second washes brains. The policy is directed on conflicts, the changing of the undesirable regimes, from here are the consequences: terrorism, migration, relative poverty, absolute poverty, dictatorship.

Well, and the last question, is there, within the framework of globalism, at least one example of a country that is broke out of the world of poverty into the world of prosperity and freedom?

Having looked at everyone and everything, you won’t find such examples. Perhaps, at a big stretch – tiny Singapore.

It become narrow for Globalism in the national framework, and it began not only to destroy national borders, but also all that disturbs and interferes with the labor market: family, religion, culture, morals, principles, etc. Family demands from a person the fight for a worthy salary. A person without family is a person without duties. The destruction of the traditional family is what we have observed in the last twenty years – the West actively cultivates it. Religion, culture, morals, the principles of freedom, equality, brotherhood, everything is mixed up in multiculturalism. For what does a person need to know national history if the considerable part of the population of the country consists of migrants?

A person has to live by the principle of a “drifter”. “Wherever pays better, there is where the Motherland is”. The influence in society of writers, philosophers, people of ideas, sharply reduced. Culture transformed into mass culture, pseudo-culture. To deprive a person of their moral roots and to make them a stupid and obedient eater of “chewing gum” from the zombie-box, in which there is continuous shows, entertainment, propaganda. Knowing the control system of the leading media, it is difficult to assume that all of this happens incidentally and inadvertently.

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  • Vtran

    Many of us now that U$ Americans took down the USSR … and then U$ Americans attempted to do the Same thing to the Russian Federation using the same trick of “dropping Oil Prices” !

    Now Opec and Co must stop making deals … lets keep Oil Prices Low as the U$ American Plan is Back Firing for U$ american Shale Producers !