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Translated by Ollie Richardson


As it became known to “Russian Spring”, without any coverage in the Ukrainian media, without solemn speeches and fanfares, on March 25th on the territory of the Artemovsk region of the DPR occupied by the UAF, a search team secretly went to work.

The purpose of the “searching” is the exhumation and export of hundreds of bodies of UAF soldiers who died in 2015 during the Debaltsevo defeat of the “invincible” Ukrainian army.

The task force is headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Korniychuk Yury Grigoryevich. Besides Korniychuk, Major Yury Sapozhnik, Senior-Lieutenant Viktor Romanyuk, and 18 other people are included in this group. This was told to “Russian Spring” by local sources.

In February, 2015, despite the assurances of the President of Ukraine and Ukrainian propaganda, as a result of being left to the mercy of fate in a cauldron near Debaltsevo by Commanders, hundreds of UAF servicemen died. After this, the Kiev media, with reference to the press service of the “anti-terrorist operation”, reported daily the minimum losses among Ukrainian military personnel, and also honors, which were given to the defenders of Ukraine at their funerals.

At the same time Poroshenko, summing up the results of the battle for Debaltsevo, publicly unscrupulously declared that the losses of the UAF were only 6 dead and about 100 lightly wounded “heroes”. And here the “pro-Russian side”, according to him, lost thousands of militiamen, who were left to “subsequently rot on the battlefield”.

Today, two years after the UAF’s Debaltsevo defeat, there are questions about whose buried soldiers will be exhumed by the Ukrainian “funeral command” – headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Korniychuk -on the territory under the UAF’s control? Obviously not the militiamen.

The answer is obvious — in February, 2015, at that difficult time for the crushed Ukrainian Army, the Kiev authorities in every possible way hid from the people of Ukraine the truth about the enormous losses of the UAF. It wasn’t at all because they were worried about the preservation of the mentality of Ukrainian inhabitants. They were afraid … afraid for their own skin. If at the time Ukrainians learnt about how many soldiers had died because the soldiers, being unarmed and hungry (which even the Ukrainian media repeatedly reported), were sent to their certain death in battle, Poroshenko would not remain sitting on his “chocolate” throne.

As a reminder, in the Debaltsevo cauldron the militia obtained 187 UAF tanks, 68 howitzers, and hundreds of units of other armored machinery and artillery.

Then, in February, 2015, the killed Ukrainian soldiers were dug into mass graves in the neighborhood of the Artemovsk district, but families were told that they were missing. Grants and monetary payments to families at the same time weren’t paid.

Still, according to the official figures of “independent” Ukraine, here thousands of such “buried” military personnel are listed as missing persons or “captured and forcibly held by separatists”.

Seemingly, the time has now come for them to quietly “dig them out” and, without making any noise, to “close the question”. Now the team of the Lieutenant-Colonel Korniychuk is also engaged in it.

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