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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Mother of a child in a Ukrainian school (name withheld for security reasons)

Fellow group members!

I write this post and everything is shuddering inside of me. Now there is a heated discussion on Viber about the celebration of the day of fighters of UPA in our fifth class. The initiator of this is the class teacher — a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature. Parents vie with each other to suggest to set-up a table after the lecture about the feats of soldiers of UPA, and to chip in for gifts. Reading this I understand that my child and I are being dragged into this. It’s not a secret for anybody what I have endured. In 2013, on September 6th, a public attempt on my right to speak and study in my native RUSSIAN LANGUAGE was made on me. During 3 months I was obliged to wander around and hide my seven-year-old child. All of you saw in the media: how they came to my home and how they interrogated my neighbors; how they wormed their way into my family and eventually broke into my country house; how Nazis from Svoboda put pressure on the Prosecutor’s Office and a criminal case under Article 161 Part 1 was opened against me; and how I went to interrogations and every step I took was highlighted by the Ukrainian TV using an angle beneficial for them. I can’t find the words to describe what my family and I endured. As a result I was obliged to leave the theater [her job – ed] for simply anywhere.

My child studies in the fifth class because of the Russian language. I am alone, I must be near my child, that’s why I am in Kiev. Recently I asked my family for advice, I expected support in order to not participate in this sabbath of Nazis at school. Not to hand over money and not to allow my child to go to this holy madnesses. I can’t allow the thought that my child will celebrate the day of bandits, on whose hands there is the blood of my grandfathers — veterans of the Second World War. And I won’t allow it. And how was my state when my mother quietly told me: “so what? Our country is just like that. And she must be with together with the other children. What do you want me to do? You want to deprive her of a festive day?”. A question immediately arose: and what if I was then killed? Like Oles [Buzina – ed]. If now I was lying in the grave? You would also allow my child to go to the festive day? The answer: but after all, you weren’t killed.

People. I have nobody else to talk to. How to live further? How is it possible to further endure this? For me, accepting these events means to go against my nature and to completely depreciate my life. What to do?

That’s all from me……..

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