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Translated by Ollie Richardson


On February 23rd, festive events devoted to the Defender of the Motherland Day took place at school No. 53 in the DPR city of Makeevka, reported the correspondent of the news agency of Rossa Primavera.

School students competed in the performance of Soviet war songs. “Katyusha” and “March of Soviet Air Force”, “Merry Wind”, and others could be heard. Pupils of the senior classes showed the skills in doing pull-ups.

Congratulatory letters to the winners of competition were handed out by the correspondent of the news agency Rossa Primavera Russell Bentley – known as “Texas”.

Pupils of the 6th grade gave letters of congratulations to fighters of the Essence of Time group.

As a reminder, the Defender of the Motherland Day is celebrated in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics on February 23rd at the official level and is a holiday.

It should be noted that in Ukraine after the coup in 2014 the Defender of the Motherland Day was cancelled. Instead of it another holiday is celebrated — Day of the defender of Ukraine on October 14th to mark the creation date of UPA.

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