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By Russell “Texas” Bentley

THIS is what Alex Hug of the OSCE looks like when “Texas” Bentley asks him a question at a press conference today, about the so-called “violent attack” in Yasinovataya yesterday against 2 OSCE armored vehicles. TWO vehicles full of “observers”, hear shooting, and “assess” they are under attack. A “violent attack”, to use their words…

Photos? No.

Video? No.

Injuries? No.

Bullet holes? No.

Can we see the “damaged” vehicle that was victim of the “violent attack”? No.

Can we see PHOTOS of the damage to the vehicle that was victim of the so-called “violent attack”? Well… No.

ANY actual evidence whatsoever? NO.

So, TWO groups of observers heard shooting in Yasinovataya yesterday, and “assessed” they were under “violent attack”. EVERYONE in Yasinovataya hears shooting and shelling EVERY SINGLE DAY. But for the OSCE, it is a “violent attack” against them. In the OSCE report, they insinuate it was DPR soldiers. but today DPR cops busted 2 armed ukrop sabotagers in the area…

OSCE and Andy Hug – p*ssies and bullsh*t artists…


OSCE “Violently Attacked by Armed Man” in Yasinovataya – What Their Report Didn’t Say…

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