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Translated by Ollie Richardson

Natalia Starokozhko  – Facebook



People! Need financial help! Grishnenko, Nikita 2009 – July 21st, 2016 was hit by a landmine in Dmytrivka village. The boy is in surgery, in Snezhnoe. He requires skin grafts to his face, also his leg suffered burns. He is on the path of long treatment and rehabilitation. Please help the family financially, as the treatment varies and he will have an operation. His mother and grandmother are with Nikita in the hospital.

Donations can be sent to [email protected]

And remember: there is no little help. Help exists or it doesn’t. Even a small donation in such a situation is better than lots of sympathy. Thank you in advance to everyone who will respond!

Let’s help this wonderful, Sunny boy!

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