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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 broadcasted a report about the shelling of the 9-storey building in Avdeevka, in which the journalist of the TV channel Andrey Tsapliyenko said that the tank shell that was fired at it allegedly arrived from Yasinovataya. At the same time, in the report a fragment of the video was shown, in which there is no sound of a tank shot.

Journalists of TSN were shocked by the complete “lack of Ukrainians” in the city, and also the fact that locals already openly declare their hatred to Ukraine.

“I really hate you! I hate our flag and our country!” the resident of Avdeevka declared to the discouraged journalist.

Stalker Zone note:

The question remains: how much longer will the criminal Ukrainian media be able to hide the truth that this time leaks out even during its own live broadcast? The pathetic statement of the Ukrainian war correspondent about “Russian TV mantras” doesn’t save situation. Or maybe he knows better than those who live this war daily? 

UAF Tank Shelled an Apartment Block in Avdeevka

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