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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The head of “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko at a press conference in Odessa called on all sensible public forces to unite against the authorities in power, which, by her estimates, are the worst in all the history of Ukraine.

In particular, Tymoshenko sharply condemned the plans of the authorities to allow the sale of agricultural land.

“In society the absolute confidence in the President of Ukraine is 3%, in the government — 2%, and in the Verkhovna Rada — 1%. It’s called “three, two, one — blastoff!” stated Tymoshenko. “This means that they all are already standing at the exit”.

“Ukrainian society will never again choose them for a position,” stressed the leader of “Fatherland”. “No previous regime managed to do what they have done with the country”.

“They don’t waste their time: for them every day, every week, every month is a chance to leave without empty hands,said Tymoshenko.

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  • A Joyce

    Tymoshenko is a part of the problem. The people of Donbass will not forget that she wanted nuclear weapons to be used to kill them all. A dangerous, soulless creature, of the zionist cabal.

  • Elena Mraz

    does she wants to replace P ? she could be worse – who knows ?