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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian punishers last night opened fire at civilians of the city of Dokuchaevsk. As a result of punitive shelling, the roof of a house was damaged. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

“The shelling begun at 21:00 on May 29th. At 01:10 I was in the house and heard a horrible explosion. Two walls of the house were immediately blown away. Then I went outside and I saw that the roof was damaged. The shelling was done by the UAF. What caliber it was, I don’t know,” said the woman.

According to the female resident of Dokuchaevsk, Ukrainian nazis shoot at civilians and the enterprises nationalized by the DPR with precision.

“There is shelling almost every day. If there is silence, then it happens rarely. There is no military here. The UAF, most likely, are shelling the factory that was nationalized by the DPR,” she emphasized.

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