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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the settlement of Frunze [LPR – ed] on Sovetov street at 06:40 in the morning, as a result of shelling by the UAF the roof of house number 135, the glazing, and the gas pipeline is damaged. The shelling was conducted using an anti-tank guided missile.

The locals described the consequences of the shelling.

“It was flying, rustling, there was such a sound, it flies constantly, it either arrives at the target or overshoots it, constantly, there are no military personnel here – what are they shooting at?” said the local resident.

“We go to bed and we get up under explosions, we are systematically under shelling. It is Ukraine who shells us – 100%, we are on our land, who came to us? Here there is absolutely nothing, neither tanks or transporters, and it’s not the first time they shell our settlement, so many civilians have died. I have no words,” said the pensioner.

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