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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Command of the UAF in every possible way conceals the scandalous criminality in units. This was reported on May 1st by the deputy head of the DPR Army Colonel Eduard Basurin at a briefing in Donetsk.

“Residents of Mariupol were forbidden from attending the funeral of a tortured soldier from the 1st battalion 30th separate mechanized brigade yesterday. Earlier, on April 24th, he was killed after being brutally tortured by officers of the brigade for attempting to contact law enforcement agencies to report about the corruption and extortion of money by subordinates, and also the use corporal punishments by officers in relation to privates. The parents of the soldier were told that he committed suicide by hanging.

An independent examination confirmed multiple injuries and wounds. But because of threats by the Commanders — criminals in uniforms — relatives were forbidden from disseminating information about it. They were intimidated, their Internet was disconnected, their house is under observation. The SBU knows about it and covers for criminals,” stressed Colonel Basurin.

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