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Translated by Ollie Richardson


There are too few systems of radio-electronic warfare (REW) at the disposal of the Ukrainian army capable of countering unmanned aerial vehicles.

This was stated by Sergey Zgurets – the director of the information and consulting company Defense Express – at a press conference in Kiev, reports the correspondent of Politnavigator.

“The number of REW stations in the Ukrainian army that are capable of combatting UAVs is estimated not even in the tens, but in single digits. Considering that the number of warehouses is estimated in the hundreds, from the point of view of cover from UAVs, we can’t ensure effective functioning. And it is an important conclusion to accelerate the purchase of effective systems that are capable of providing the defence of objects against terrorist penetration. The conclusion is such: the threat has already emerged, the potential technical means are there but are critically lacking. This has to become the impetus to reconsider priorities of defence and equipment of bases and arsenals,” said Zgurets.

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