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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The public activist and the volunteer helping fighters in the ATO zone Roman Donik published a post with threats to employees of the publication on his page on Facebook.

“Now the most important thing is not to fuss. It is necessary to only trace attentively who came out in defense of Guzhva [editor of Strana – ed] there. Don’t miss anybody. And then all of them either have to be killed or thrown out of the country, or they will kill us. Here, it’s not democracy and not opposition. These are entrenchments on opposite sides of the front line,” he wrote.

As “Strana” reported, on June 22nd, security officers suddenly appeared to search the editorial office of the online newspaper “Strana”.

Earlier the People’s Deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” Aleksandr Vilkul supported freedom of speech and declared his determination to take the detained editor-in-chief of the online newspaper “” Igor Guzhva out on bail.

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