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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukraine pays to intermediaries in the international purchase of medicines a sum equal to the annual budget for the fight against children’s oncology.

This was stated at a press conference in Kiev by the President of the Help to Children With Oncological Diseases charity foundation Valentina Markevich.

According to her, American banks today keep in their turnover four billion hryvnia pre-paid by Ukraine for the purchase of medicines.

“Four billion hryvnia was transferred by the State, a 100% advance payment, to the international organizations in order for international purchases of medical supplies according to the main State programs to be made. Unfortunately, in November and December this money was transferred to American banks, they are there, and work for another State. Moreover, all these companies receive agency funds to the sum of 300 million hryvnia, and this, imagine for a moment, is the budget of 2015 for children’s oncology,” stated Markevich.

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