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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Ukraine a new concrete dam was built on the North Crimean Canal costing 35 million UAH. This was reported in a TSN programme.

“The stationary concrete dam was constructed on the North Crimean Canal on the verge of mainland Ukraine … It finally cut off … Crimea from the Dnieper river,” reported Ukrainian journalists.

According to them, this dam will help the farmers in the Southern Kherson region, directing the water to their lands. 35 million UAH was spent on the construction of the object.

“The first stage is complete. A continuation will include the creation of infrastructure. Hoists, on-duty rooms, security,” stated the chief engineer of the North Crimean Canal Vladimir Oberemok.

It is emphasized that the dam has a gate that can be opened at any time. This year the North Crimean Canal, as the Ukrainian media reported, celebrates its 60th anniversary.

At the same time, in Crimea with the assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation the construction of three water intakes was completed, and 36 wells were drilled, which will provide a water volume of 195,000 cubic meters per day.

Also, before 2020 in the framework of the implementation of the Federal targeted program to Kerch a water supply system will be laid with a coverage of up to 220 km, which will allow to resolve the issue with the water supply to East Crimea.

The “water blockade” policy of Ukraine was repeatedly condemned by representatives of the international community.

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