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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Probably everyone has seen a photo of the boy from Aleppo, which the Syrian opposition has published for a second day, as the main argument of the inhumanity and brutality of the Assad regime and his “accomplice” – the President of the Russian Federation.



But I was rather hooked not by another big speculation of the tragedy of the separately taken little human. I was struck by the fact that it was brainwashed Ukrainians who were the most outraged, and cursed “monsters and murderers”.



Miroslav Gay – Somehow I feel more irritated by Russians – just really disgust with a little touch of hatred.

Ukrainian “Patriots” are sincerely angry, calling to land on the head of the entire Russian world the “deserved” punishment for the brutality and suffering that the Syrian children are daily exposed to. But when they are reminded that the same boys and girls are similarly extracted from the rubble (not always alive) after shelling by the Ukrainian Army in Donbass – they become more indignant than ever. Because according to them, only “Vatnik” [pro-russian – ed] with an extra chromosome cannot understand that only Putin is to blame for everything.


Miroslav Tuz – Here it is – Russian world – shameless, sneaky, blood thirsty…



Vladimir Ivanchuk – When “Russian World” will disappear – carpet bombing will stop and LDPR deficient-republics will also disappear.

Today all brainwashed Ukraine is “Je Suis Omran”. And her hatred for Russians today is special. With a touch of contempt and irritation. Because if not for Putin supporting Assad, this little boy in a new Syria would live as happy as his peers are living in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.


Yury Donchenko – Hatred for Russian pigdogs – everything is ours! [retaliatory slogan to Russian’s “Crimea is ours” – ed]

As you can see, Ukraine is suffering – conscientiously and sincerely – and explain with an argument why the boy its “moderate” brothers recently beheaded didn’t suit the role of their icon. Simply because he was from the wrong camp. As Kira from Gorlovka, Vanya from Donetsk, Bogdan of Snezhnoye, and hundreds of children of Donbass for which the Ukrainian Army sends “all the best” of what she has.


UAF – “All the best for children”





Anton Grinblat – You still haven’t heard our “salutes” [shells – ed]. You only have yourselves to blame. All the blood of Donbass is on your LDPR’s filthy hands. You welcomed f*****g Putin and Katsaps [pejorative word for Russians – ed]? So now gobble it with a full spoon and you’ll receive extra portions too.

No, really! Ukraine loves Donbass so much. And as for the daily shelling – it is only for the “occupiers”, and Putin in particular. And if they inadvertently shell peaceful civilians – do not blame me. They should have left beforehand. So now dear victims, the best advice is to write complaints to yourselves.


Igor Afanasyev – As soon as the last Orc will be back in Mordor, the war will stop, and children’s childhoods will come back to them. So gather your stuff and scram.

And regarding the Syrian boy – it is still sad…

Ukrainian patriots’ are really sad that he didn’t die right in front of the TV and crosshairs.

Oh, because what a chance he had to become the initiator of a flash mob on the theme of how, during the Olympic truce, the Kremlin tyrant is killing children!


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