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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian government, which is wallowed in corruption, has no finances in order to pay huge sums to international creditors over the next few years.

As the executive director of the Blazer Foundation Oleg Ustenko in an interview to the “Fokus” magazine notes, over the next few years Kiev will have to pay nearly $4 billion in 2018, then almost as much in 2019.

“Ukraine will have to pay a large number of external debts. In particular, nearly $4 billion in 2018, then almost as much in 2019. After that we will pay $5 billion annually up to 2021. Ukraine has no such money. If cooperation with international financial institutions stops, it will lead to an imbalance in the financial sector,” he stated.

As was reported earlier, Ukraine continues to overcome economic obstacles, however this is only because of the West’s financing, which makes it financially unstable as it is under the influence of another State. At the same time the country’s national debt continues to grow, which Ukrainians will be paying off for many years to come.

To somehow smoothen out the situation, politicians constantly raise tariffs for the population. It is known that the Cabinet of Minsters warns that as of 2018 in Ukraine an increase in utility tariffs at a minimum of 20% is predicted.

Thus, in 2018 a 19% rise in the price of tariffs for gas and a 20% increase for heating, hot water, and electricity are possible. A rise in the price of utility tariffs in 2019 is predicted: 12.5% for natural gas and 17.5% for hot water, heating, and electricity. In 2020 a 10% growth in tariffs for gas and electricity and a 19% rise for hot water and heating are also expected.

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  • Vtran

    LIES …Banderistan has loads of Money … Who else in Europe can afford to spend over 5% of GDP on the Military and buy Coal from U$ america ???

  • Paul Cush

    Ukraine are probably buying coal from the USA on credit, just so that the USA can influence and help Ukraine to push Russia out of Crimea…. which is never going to happen, the Ukrainian people are the only ones that are going to lose…. Because Russia is going nowhere… and you will have to pay for the coal, and all the damage that taking money from the USA is going to bring… its a sad, sad story… but its not the first time we have seen this…. and it wont be the last… best get Ukraine to start talking to Russia and sort out your differences… it will hurt Ukraine a lot less than what is going to happen in the future, if you keep going down this same road.

  • Aleksandr Podyachev

    unfortunately, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis have other ideas

  • Paul Cush

    Unfortunately Aleksandr, I have to agree with you…. they seem to be too proud and too stupid to understand where their best course of action lies… so they will be influenced by money and promises…. and then let the country suffer for generations to come… sad sad situation…

  • Vtran

    Nothing to talk about

    Banderistan produces nothing that RF Wants or Needs !