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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Employees criticized the government for depriving them of a large market, and gaving nothing in return.

The Ukrainian authorities have to take steps to restore economic relations with Russia. This requirement was listed in the letter that the employees of the agricultural holding of Zaporozhye “Stepnoy”, sent to President Petro Poroshenko. There are about 2000 signatures under the letter.

“Due to losing the main export market because of the rupture of trade relations between us and Russia, the government failed to increase the export quotas of our main products in Europe – reported the Ukrainian “Podrobnosti” citing the words of the head of the board of the holding – Anatoly Volkov.

He noted that all of this caused stagnation in agriculture and a sharp drop in production volumes. And this is “jeopardizing the future of the agricultural and livestock industries of Ukraine as a whole, pushing it to the role of only an appendix of “raw materials of Europe.”

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