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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Serious crimes, in particular murders, occur in Ukraine because it is a free and democratic country.

This was declared by the Ukrainian political scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun [notorious pro-Kiev Russophobe who received a knuckle sandwich from Yury Kot – ed].

“Because we are a free and democratic country,” he stated on the air of the telecast “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, during a discussion about the murder of the former deputy of the State Duma Denis Voronenkov, having commented on the words of the host that the Russian businessman Maksim Kurochkin was killed in Kiev too.

Stalker Zone note:

Kovtun Vyacheslav Nikolaevich is a Ukrainian political scientist, member of the presidium of the Liberal Party of Ukraine, Chairman of the control audit commission of the Liberal Party of Ukraine, and Director of the Center of research of public processes “Expert” in Kiev.

The main slogan of the election program of the Liberal Party is “a free person — a prospering state”. Since 2012, Vyacheslav Kovtun was included on an electoral list of the party at No.6. However he didn’t enter the Rada: in the 2014 elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the party took an “honourable” 29th place (out of 29).

Vyacheslav Kovtun is known to the public as a participant of political telecasts on Russian channels, such as “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, “The special correspondent”, “Right to vote”, etc. He is represented as a political scientist and an expert in the political processes of Ukraine.

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