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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The president-manager of the Kiev online retailer RINGOO Yana Potishnyak called to burn Russians in gas chambers, to crush them with tanks, and to apply criminal responsibly for rendering medical care to them.

The post, shocking by its cruelty, was published in the blog section on the Korrespondent website. It was later removed, but internet users were able to access a cached copy. (UPDATE: The cached version has also been deleted.)

“Where is our solidarity? Where is our Europeaness? Where is our self-respect? Why we don’t crush with tanks all these ethnic Russians living on our land? Why we, at last, don’t begin to burn all of them in gas chambers, as it was done by Russians themselves at the time of Stalin concerning our grandfathers during Holodomor?…. Why in Ukraine hasn’t the Russian occupational language yet been banned? While the same Rusnya [pejorative term for Russian people – ed] in their Rashka [pejorative term for Russia – ed] force all people to speak Russian, having destroyed all native languages!

In general, criminal liability should be imposed for compassion to Russians! For rendering any help to them! Medical! Legal, and so on!…. Like in Latvia, we should have long ago made a separate passport for the “occupier”! Let them be ashamed of Putin’s aggression!

It is long overdue for our Verkhovna Rada to adopt a law according to which ethnic Russians must be obligatorily cremated, and not to bury in our sacred land, which is exhausted by these Russians! And in general, we should dig out the graves of all ethnic Russians buried today in our land and also to cremate them, just as back then in Israel the remains of one executed German criminal at the beginning of the 1960’s was cremated! Oh, when will we at last learn to respect ourselves!?!?” she wrote.

As a reminder, in September, 2015, the first president of Ukraine Kravchuk urged to kill Russians, until the bullets run out.

Stalker Zone note:

It has been observed that the author of the aforementioned despicable article, Yana Potishnyak (photographed below), writes almost exclusively in the Russian language, which according to her must be forbidden. Also ironic is the fact that she herself is Jewish.

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