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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Jesus Christ has no relation to Jews, because his ancestors came to the Middle East from the territory of ancient Ukraine.

Such a statement was made on the eve of orthodox Christmas by the deputy head of the Ukrainian Republican Party and former deputy of the Lvov regional council Rostislav Novozhenets, who noted that “according to Ukrainian chronology” today the year is 7526.

He also stated that Jesus Christ is Ukrainian, adding that there is no proof that refutes his statement that allegedly Christ’s ancestors were natives from Ukraine.

“It is known that in 1200 BC from Ukraine a new wave of settlement all over the world took place, including to Palestine. The tribes of Gauls, Celts, and Cimmerians, who lived and formed on the territory of Ukraine, founded Galilee in Palestine,” said Novozhenets.

In addition, he said that Christ is Ukrainian not only by origin, but also by anthropological type, because his mother Mary “was blue-eyed” and didn’t resemble a representative of the Semitic type.

“Jesus Christ was tall, his height was 1.80m, while Jews were short, no more than 1.60 m. He had fair hair and a straight nose. Jews, as is known, have a aquiline nose. He had a typical appearance for Aryans, Slavs. Even his language: those who know the ancient Ukrainian language, it was kept only in the Carpathians, in particular – Lemkos. As is known, people who are put on a cross during torture always remember their native language. He, in fact, spoke with a Lemkos dialect. It is necessary to remember this. We have to believe that Jesus Christ is an ancient Ukrainian,” said Ukrainian politician.

He also called to be proud of Ukrainians being the most ancient nation.

“We must be proud of Ukrainians being the most ancient nation, which gave to the world the first civilisation, the first State, the first wheel, agriculture, the plough. All of this is the legacy of Ukrainians, who shared it with the world,” concludes Novozhenets.

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