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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Igor Shkirya was spotted on vacation in Russian Crimea. This was reported by the Ukrainian website “Centre for Investigative Journalism”. Journalists were appalled not only by the fact that the representative of the Ukrainian authorities visited Crimea, the status of which is challenged by Ukraine, but also that he did it during the plenary session in the Verkhovna Rada.

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It is reported that the People’s Deputy arrived in Crimea in his own car together with his son Dmitry, who works as the assistant to his Deputy father. They stopped at the Marat Park Hotel in Gaspra and spent a week there. Although, according to the electronic check in of People’s Deputies, Igor Shkirya was present at all meetings at the Verkhovna Rada. However, he didn’t participate in a single vote during the week.

As the Ukrainian media reported, the Marat Park Hotel was registered by Russian legislation in the summer of 2014, and founder is the Ilitash company from Donetsk, the owners of which is Deputy Shkirya and his family. However, the Marat Park Hotel appeared much earlier and was even the subject of a trial of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office. In particular, Prosecutors opened a criminal case upon the fact that the illegally occupied 4.6 hectares of land in the settlement of Gaspra is in the territory of the evergreen Park “Chair”.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism asked the appeared-in-Parliament Igor Shkirya how often he goes to Crimea, but he simply ran away, saying: “I’m in a hurry!”

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