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Translated by Ollie Richardson


When the time comes for the main payment of credits, Ukraine plans to resort to external loans again, said the Ukrainian Minister of Finance Aleksandr Danilyuk in an interview to the Kiev magazine “Novoe Vremya”.

The news outlet drew the attention of the Minister to the fact that by 2019 Ukraine will have to pay a large sum (12 billion dollars) of public debt, and asked how the State intends to cope with such payments.

“I am sure that we will successfully accommodate for the necessary sum at the time. We have a good financial history. We are attractive to investors because we are in the IMF program, we implemented difficult reforms, our economic indicators have sharply improved. When we are active in the market, we will be able to quietly borrow money on more favorable conditions to repay obligations. In addition, further economic growth will provide an internal resource,” said Danilyuk.

As Politnavigator reported, financial analysts have warned that the debts of Ukraine have reached catastrophic proportions.

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