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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The journalist of the Ukrainian publication “Kapital” Vyacheslav Chechilo, speaking about the aggravation of the criminal situation in Ukraine over the last 30 years [since so-called independence – ed],  compared Kiev to “Black Harlem”. He wrote about this on Facebook.

[Photo in the article cited by Chechilo is of the detained person suspected of the murder]

The journalist accompanied his post with an article about the murder of an Odessan chef committed by a contract employee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The military serviceman attacked the chef with a knife because of a remark he made when the former attempted to jump the minibus queue.

Photo from the crime scene in Kiev

According to Chechilo, Ukrainians don’t understand what country they have built over the last 30 years.

“Would anyone dare to make remarks to a member of a black gang in Harlem? Of course not. It wouldn’t even enter anyone’s mind. And so, it is impossible to do this in modern Kiev too. It was possible in 1988. But in 2018 — it’s not worth it,” wrote Chechilo.

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