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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The German chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, called the war in Donbass an internal Ukrainian conflict, reported the Ukrainian journalist Yury Dudkin on his page on Facebook.

“Right now, in Munich, Frau Merkel called the war in Donbass an ‘internal political conflict in Ukraine’. No ‘Russian troops’, but only Russia’s support of separatists.

The German Chancellor broke the mold of ukro-propaganda. But, they do not give up. Now on all the channels they misinterpret the Bundeskanzlerin’s speech in the most sophisticated manner.”

Also he added in the comments to the post: “Sitting in the hall and listening to Merkel, P. Poroshenko even stopped to applaud, having heard from her lips about the union of Europe and Russia from Vladivostok to Lisbon”.

From the editor:

Answering the questions of journalists after her speech, the German chancellor urged not to bury the Minsk Agreements.

“We didn’t succeed to establish a ceasefire for more than three — four days. So, from a formal point of view we can’t begin the political process now. But as we are reasonable people, Ukraine declared its readiness to begin parallel work. That’s why various contact and working groups were created. I call to not to speak about failures, but to concentrate on ensuring success”, declared Merkel.

“Nothing would be better if we could fight along with Russia against Islamic terrorism, have normal economic relations, work on a free trade zone, from Vladivostok to Lisbon, but we can’t betray principles of territorial integrity. That’s why we need a political decision, and I’m ready to give it much time and effort,” added the German chancellor.

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