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Translated by Ollie Richardson 



The M16 rifle may become the first joint project of Ukroboronservice and arms producers from the US.

The management of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Ukroboronprom” has reported that it has concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the American company Aeroscraft on the production of small arms of NATO standards on the territory. The details of the Agreement weren’t disclosed yet, but, according to 112 TV channel, the start of production of the M16 automatic rifles may become the first project.

“The automatic M16 rifle of the WAC47 model will become the first weapon that during the pilot project will be made in Ukraine. The production of the weapon according to NATO standards is an important part of the development and reforming of the Ukrainian Oboronprom,” quotes the TV channel from the words of the head of Ukroboronprom Sergey Mikityuk.

It should be noted that whether the produced weapons will go towards the needs of the Ukrainian army and whether it will be used in the conflict in Donbass, is unknown so far. However this agreement is not the first attempt of the Ukrainian military industrial complex and the UAF to be closer to NATO standards. But as of now everything has been limited to deliveries of equipment and non-lethal arms by western countries to Ukraine. However, quality of the equipment has raised big questions among the Ukrainian military.

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  • opereta

    Very Nice !! Another idiotic desition by Ukros !! Changing calibers in the middle of the war with Donbass will help dilute their efforts and deviate their stikes, confuse the users !! Maybe the actual reason is some Shit Head Ukro Mafiosi trying to get his hands on Money that gets scarce by they day as of late. Scientists should study this chronic and spectacular lack of brains !! Since the adoption of the M16 in the 60s by the US….they have not won a single war !!

  • Pave Way IV

    Right in time for the demise of NATO. I hope the thieves at Oboronpom shake down the fools at Aeroscraft for billions and bankrupt them. I have to say I’m honestly confused by the choice of American ‘partners’ though. I’m pretty sure Aeroscraft are the whackjobs that tried to sell blimps to the U.S. military. Would you trust a weapon made by these guys?

    So we essentially have a blimp-maker licensing M-16s to a corrupt, broke Ukranian arms manufacturer? Do I really need to say it? “What could possibly go wrong with an ingenious plan like this?”