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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Located on the mountain peak Ai-Petri in Crimea, besides a site of [illegal – ed] trade stalls, where there is already voluntary removal, are elite mansions belonging to Ukrainian officials and oligarchs, reported the Deputy of the State Duma Ruslan Balbek.

Voluntary removal on the mountain peak Ai-Petri, which is chaotically built up with hotels, cafes, and commercial outlets, began on May 22nd. Here it is planned to create an especially protected natural territory of regional value. Lower on the peak more than 90 elite mansions and hotels are located.

“Ukrainian oligarchs and officials try to keep their real estate on the Ai-Petri reserve at any cost. The owners of multi-million palaces use the dirtiest methods of information war. Today unprecedented activity by them in the media space of Crimea is observed,” said Balbek to RIA Novosti.

According to him, they “don’t stop at anything, they try to stir up the national factor, plant information in press, on social networks, consciously mislead the Crimean Tatars, frightening them with allegedly especially directional repressions by the authorities”.

“The owners of mansions on Ai-Petri, who the people call celestials, are slightly behind in their understanding of today’s realities in Crimea. The vast majority of owners of cafe, having obtained guarantees from the authorities of the Republic, remove their premises themselves, and by this once again prove that in order to conceal a crime or violation of the law, the Crimean Tatar shield won’t help,” said the Deputy.

According to him, after the marketplace is dismantled, “it will be the turn of the elite of the town”.

Attempts to forbid illegal trade activities and constructions on the mountain peak during the Ukrainian period led to clashes with security officers and weren’t crowned with success.

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