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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yesterday, the Ukrainian nazis did their best to send me a gift in Crimea. Of course it is ridiculous, but it is worth to consider in more detail the “event” that became an information bomb in Ukrainian media, considering local realities and the tendencies that begin to mature.

Ukrainian nazi-terrorists dared to undertake a “feat”, as it seemed to them, and brought to me at 12 Mir Street, apartment 60, in the city of Bakhchysarai, a deck of cards that they call the firing list, but the most important thing is that they dared to put there in the mailbox a pin from a grenade.

A “frank” and very courageous “patriot” buzzed on the on-door speakerphone and ran away.

My acquaintances now live in this apartment. Yes, indeed 10 years ago I was registered at this address — this was the first registration for obtaining a passport.

Further, the wild propaganda machine started to promote this feat. I will analyse some quotes from it:

“The head of the pro-Russian propagandist News Front Konstantin Knyrik, who now lives in occupied Crimea, received from Kiev at his address in Bakhchysarai a deck of cards ‘kill the wretches’, with a pin from a grenade.

As ‘Novynarni’ reported, the initiators of the action, in this way, hinted to the ‘fighter of the disinformation front’ that he might be next after Motorola, Anashchenko, and Givi’.”

Well, they especially highlighted the fact that not only the deck of cards was sent, but also a pin from a grenade.

I don’t want to react too much to such a message — I receive threats regularly, but I want to draw the attention of the Crimean law enforcement officers to the fact that on the territory of Crimea Ukrainian terrorists continue to penetrate, who publicly don’t hide their intentions. Moreover, perhaps they walk every day among normal people, after all someone physically put it in the mailbox and buzzed on the on-door speakerphone, after which they heroically ran away.

Further, one more quote from Ukrainian media:

“From the description of Sinitsin it follows that Ukrainian locals know the address of Knyrik in Bakhchysarai – 12 Mir Street, apartment 60, and that a grenade can also “arrive” in Crimea, and to the known address of the propagandist in Donetsk also.

“You can imagine how Knyrik was…scared,” says one of the initiators of the action”

“Konstantin Knyrik – did you receive the cards with a pin, f*cker? Did you find your mug there? You are on Mir Street, Bakhchysarai? You still didn’t reach Donetsk? Scum, you should know that the hands of Ukrainian patriots are much longer than you think. And the cards are just to troll you, f*ckers. Next time it will be sabotage and reconnaissance groups or an anti-personnel mine. And the last time you’ll ever call an elevator. You all will drop dead. You can shove the money and the deck in the People’s rear, courageous one.”

Andrey Kobzar: “It is the traitor Knyrik who has to survey his mailbox the most cautiously and attentively. Sweet dreams, cheer up.”

“Fool, wait for arrivals at other addresses.”

The address, as I already said, is not mine, but of my first registration, which is still stored in the databases of Ukraine. And as for the “known address of propagandist’s in Donetsk”, well here they really made me laugh: I have no property in the DPR, during my trips to the Republics I stay in rental apartments, and I have no permanent address.

The situation itself looks wild. I.e., an officially registered public organization in Ukraine operating within the legal framework of Ukraine “The People’s rear”, which is directed by the whole former head of “Lugansk military adminstration” Tuka, officially is engaged in the organization of acts of terrorism and publicly speaks about it, writes about it, reports about it. Does someone still doubt that Ukraine is a terrorist country where terrorism is legalized at the state level?

Unfortunately, those who we call “brothers” definitely rolled down to the level of terrorists. And the Ukrainian pseudo-State assists it in every possible way.

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