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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Kiev metro leaflets with calls for friendship with Russia were put up. The corresponding photo was posted on the Facebook page by the Ukrainian activist and coordinator of the project “Legal Hundred” Maxim Dizhechko.

“I just pulled them down in the subway. 04.12.2017, the 4th year of war. F*ck!” wrote the Ukrainian activist, without mincing his words.

“The wave of hostility between Russia and Ukraine grows. This phenomenon is called information war! It is scarier than hand-to-hand combat, because huge hatred was seeded between peoples, and it will sprout out for a long time from generation to generation, in our children and grandchildren! And do they need it?! We want them to live better than us!

Attention! There is a systematic incitement of ethnic strife and hostility – the basis of war. We ask all sane people to not participate in provocative discussions, not to throw insults around, and not to respond to boorishness! Ignore provocations, leave discussions, don’t cause hurt, respect each other! Show prudence in this serious moment! Remember that if you are provoked, it means that someone needs it. And do you need this personally? Let’s not become marionettes, dolls on strings, which are pulled by those for who it is necessary! Read and pass this on to others: all of us want friendship and peace,” it is said in the text of the leaflet.

The Ukrainian users of social networks became outraged by the so defiant “anti-Ukrainian action” by unknown “agents of the Kremlin”.

“While you [Ukrainians – ed] sh*t on each other to find out who is better, who has a longer one, and who has a better and longer, fighting path – they [pro-Russians – ed] work. Systematically and, notice, very qualitatively. At least these theses can be picked up and carried further with pleasure by those who have a hole in the head the size of the USSR [those who are pro-Soviet – ed],” commented Tatyana Doroshenko regarding the leaflet.

It should be noted that most [Ukrainian – ed] users commented in the language of the “aggressor”.

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