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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Zaporizhia public organizations “Victory Regiment”, “Radomir”, “Sober Yards”, and “Children of War” held a community work day for the day of liberation of the city of Zaporizhia – they organized a community work day near the monument to soldier-motorists on the road out of Zaporizhia.

“GAZ MM. 10:00. About 50 pairs of hands.

In 5 hours of work these friendly hands mowed down tall weeds, trimmed trees, gathered and took out 3 (!) trucks of garbage, restored the stele, and the monument to soldier-motorists of the Great Patriotic War (the car is shining!).

They communicated, recalled the past, thanked law enforcement bodies, which made the decision that we, Zaporizhia residents, should be protected.

Thanks to all participants of the cleaning, thanks to ‘Children of war’, ‘Sober Yards’, ‘Radomir’, and the ‘Victory Regiment’!

A good action is the right action!” wrote the initiator of the community work day Andrey Ivanov.

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And then what? Brainwashed called it a provocation of pro-Putin forces, and in comments the “patriots” that especially distinguished themselves suggested to put such people in gas chambers. The main accusation – the organization by the initiator of the community work day Andrey Ivanov on May 9th of the “provocative” and “anti-Ukrainian” action “Victory Regiment”, and the involvement of one of the orthodox organizations “Radomir” in the protection of mass actions of Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Leonid Plakhotnyuk: “Zaporizhia is Vatnik sh*t.”

Pavlo Andriyovich Varvansky: “No, not everything is so bad, but these abrasive people must be pursued. By the way, this photo is already material for the case on forbidden symbolics.”

Aleksandr Vysotsky: “Ivanov still can’t calm down. SBU didn’t finish its work.”

Akkord Klym: “Garbage that needs to be processed.”

Evgeny Besedin: “Now it’s possible in the structure of the same group of people to take a photo in the chamber. In a gas one (sorry 🙂 )”


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