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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In two generations it is possible to transform the population of Donbass by means of active propaganda into people loyal to Ukraine, while in Crimea only ethnic cleansing is necessary.

This was stated [in the Russian language! – ed] at a forum of bloggers in Dnepropetrovsk by the native of Crimea and the fighter of the ATO Viktor Tregubov, the author of the “Petr and Mazepa” website, which advocates Ukrainian separatism.

“Crimea and Donbass are very different situations. Regarding Donbass, I can say as a person who helped to do it in the liberated cities of the Donetsk region. It is possible to implement it. Yes, it will be much more difficult to do in Donetsk than in Kramatorsk, but, strangely enough, there aren’t many people for who the Donetsk or pro-Russian identity is a part of their consciousness. And, as practice shows, in the event of an offensive of Ukrainian troops, they run away in the direction of the Russian border, leaving a wet trail. For the rest it is possible to remove the spell if we are carefully and accurately engaged in Ukrainian counter-propaganda… Yes, it’s not a fact that for two more generations these people will not become faithful guys in embroidery, but they will be people who won’t show aggression towards Ukraine…

I’m very worried about Crimea, because there is a very specific situation there. Firstly, there is a huge number of people who have a Soviet mentality… Especially in Sevastopol… There is a huge number of people who are hostile to Ukraine exclusively ideologically. Yes, it is a huge problem, I will say an awful thing now, but in Crimea ethnic cleansing won’t be too much,” said Tregubov.

The audience present in the hall met Tregubov’s words with applause, and the hosts immediately expressed fear that his words will appear in the Russian media, reported the correspondent of Politnavigator.

“When i said ethnic cleansing I didn’t mean that we should commit genocide on all of them. We should give many people the chance to leave very quickly. To give them motivation. And, the main important thing, in Crimea it is necessary to work very accurately and safely with the Crimean Tatars,” specified Tregubov.

He was countered by another Ukrainian propagandist – Pavel Kazarin, who left Crimea in 2014.

“It is much easier to return Crimea than Donbass, because blood didn’t flow there. In Donetsk and Lugansk children are growing up who have on their dressing table black mourning photos of their fathers with ribbons, and mothers show the camouflage in which their father perished for Novorossiya… In Crimea there are no such children,” said Kazarin.

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