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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Kiev stated its intention to confiscate coal from Donbass that Ukraine disowned for several months. It is noted that coal will be confiscated after its arrival to the Ukrainian territory. The details are in the material of the Federal News Agency.

The head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik spoke about the confiscation, during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada. According to him, the ministry sent a statement to the State Fiscal Service and energy customs: as soon as coal from Donbass arrives to the territory of Ukraine, it has to be confiscated. To define what coal can and can’t be confiscated is being planned with the help of analysis of the content of sulfur. Unlike Russian coal (less than 1% of sulfur), the raw materials extracted in Donbass contain more than 1% of sulfur.

At the beginning of March, the coal mines located on the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics stopped the supply of coal to Ukraine and to the territories of Donbass controlled by Kiev, which caused an extremely turbulent and negative reaction from the Ukrainian side. After the introduction of external management at Ukrainian enterprises located on the territory of Novorossiya’s Republics, among which are also coal mines, Kiev in every possible way tries to impeach their work.

Igor Nasalik also reminded that Ukraine considers the possibility of importing coal from the United States. At the moment Ukraine declares three directions where it can buy coal fuel: Republic of South Africa, Kazakhstan, and the US. “We received confirmation that on May 23rd a working group comes from the US concerning the providing of the anthracitic group,” stressed the head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the vigorous statements of the Ukrainian side not very long ago were similar to a call for help. As is known, Kiev asked the US for the help in the supplying of coal. At the beginning of April of the current year, Nasalik sent to the US State Department a letter with a request for deliveries of 2.5 million tons of coal. And the first deliveries from the Republic of South Africa, which as is said in Kiev, are still being considered, had to begin at the beginning of May of the current year. Besides this, the Minister of Energy intended to initiate the introduction by the Cabinet of Ministers of a ban on the import of coal of the anthracitic group of Russia.

In the proposal of the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy there is something magic, because in his statement he made it clear that Donbass isn’t classified as being in the structure of Ukraine: “from Donbass in Ukraine”. In addition, it is unclear how this same confiscation will be carried out if the DPR and LPR stopped the supply of anthracites to neighbors.

Kiev in such a way lunged at Donbass coal purely because about 35% of the electricity generation in Ukraine is provided by the anthracite that is extracted on the territory of Novorossiya.

The Ukrainian politician, the former deputy head of the faction of Party of Regions in the Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation and the speaker of parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev in conversation with the correspondent of FAN described what in reality what is hiding behind the statements of Kiev.

“I won’t name surnames, but all this fuss around the coal of Donbass and loud statements about confiscation are connected not so much with politics, but with the question of who will deliver coal and to incline the need people on the necessary conditions. Actually Ukrainian power is engaged in a racket. Poroshenko wants to earn money from the supply of coal from Donbass. All these statements are a subject of bargaining, which goes on in Kiev behind closed doors,” said Oleg Tsarev to FAN.

“The supply of coal from Donbass is a very profitable business. The cost of coal from Donbass differs several times from the cost of coal from the same United States, the Republic of South Africa, or from Poland. The purchase price in Donbass and selling price in Ukraine differs more than twice. It is very big money taking into account the needs of Ukraine for coal. All statements need to be considered from this point of view”.

On the question if Nasalik’s statement can affect the situation on the contact line in Donbass in the context of an increase in the frequency of shelling, as a policy of intimidation, the interlocutor of FAN noted that one doesn’t influence the other.

“If a consensus is found in Kiev concerning who will supply coal and how much Poroshenko will personally earn at this time, then the Ministry of Energy will not confiscate anything,” assures Oleg Tsarev. 

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