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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Reprisals against a Ukrainian teachers for their trip to Crimea have begun. Despite the fact that Ukrainian patriots do not tire of repeating the mantra “Crimea is ours”, visits to the Peninsula result in severe punishment.

Ukrainian authorities rightly fear that “separatist bitches” (it’s exactly like this that people wanting to go to Crimea are called on propaganda billboards) will see firsthand how things work in the former Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and stop believing the official propaganda, which  does not get tired of broadcasting about the empty beaches and low wages of the Crimean people. That’s why any attempt to cross the border of “Unified Ukraine” is equated to state treason.

Recently, by the order of the Minister of Education Liliya Hrynevych, the associate Professor of the Department of translation and linguistic training of foreigners of Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Lyudmila Strebel, was fired for her trip to Crimea for the conference “Russian language in a multicultural world.” Of course, in labour legislation there is no such column as “a trip to Crimea”, that’s why the Professor was thrown into the street under false pretenses – for truancy.

The Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych posted relevant documents about the investigation into the matter on social networks. The Minister reacted to the denunciations of “honest media”, who vigilantly monitor the routes of betrayers”. It is exactly thanks to denouncing supposed non-biased journalists that University professors lost their jobs.The Ministry of Education and Science checked statements to the media that a number of teachers from Ukrainian Universities who have traveled to the occupied Crimea conference “Russian language in a multicultural world.”

“And here, regarding the participation of teachers from Ukrainian universities in the conference on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea. Two of the three universities have already sent a reply to the Ministry of Education. Now we are waiting for a response from Dnieper. The Ministry of Education and Science firmly insist that the heads of universities investigate the validity of the actions of their employees, and take action against those who have demonstrated a disregard for Ukraine and its territorial integrity,” said the Minister-Grant consumer on social networks.

She said that after a thorough investigation (does the Ministry of Education perform the functions of the SBU?), it became known about terrible crimes of professors and associate professors of Zaporozhye and Dnieper, and even Kiev who dared to go in “occupied Crimea”. The names of “betrayers” were also revealed and anathematized. In particular, it became known that the Professor of the Russian language Department of the Kiev National pedagogical Drahomanov University, Irina Zaitseva, participated in the conference. Associate Professor of the Department of language training of Zaporizhzhya State Medical University Vladimir Khaylik was on vacation in occupied Crimea and also attended this conference. All teachers are not only fired, but they have no right to work anymore, which is contrary to the laws and the Constitution.

Now the “Russophile” will begin to haunt, persecute and humiliate, and the “corridors of shame” will be organised in Universities, as it was with a local teacher Olga Zagulskaya, for example. Because they dared to come to a conference about the problem of the Russian language, instead of glorifying the “aurally beautiful” Ukrainian language. It is obvious that in a country of victorious “dignity”, the campaign of de-Russification continues at the state level, and anyone who dares to speak or teach in the Russian language, are put against the wall”.

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