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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian military will stay in Congo for about a year.

The seventh rotation of Ukrainian peacekeepers has gone to the Congo, reports Channel 5.

All 250 soldiers who went to fight against civil war in the Congo previously participated in the anti-terrorist operation in Donbass. They will stay in this particular African country for about a year.

The detachment group includes helicopter pilots, engineers of the aviation service, doctors, and cooks.

Among the tasks of the Ukrainian “blue helmets” there is aviation maintenance and air reconnaissance.

Military personnel prepared for the peacekeeping mission strenuously – fighting coordination on the ground and special courses on survival.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine will prepare peacekeepers in Donbass.

Stalker Zone note:

Since the US “maintains peace” in Africa via its AFRICOM command centre, it is only fitting that its banana republics do the same. The only collective that benefits from this is of course the military-industrial complex, which uses invisible belligerents to justify its own existence whilst people like John McCain watch their bank balance grow exponentially on the back of the suffering of others.

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  • Piotr Wielki

    Murderers, torturers, marauders and rapists sent on a peacekeeping mission… brilliant! *spit*