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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “NewsOne” programme devoted to “Russian aggression” with the participation of two odious political scientists – Vadim Karasev and Oles Doniy turned into a scandal. The first viewer to phone in to the studio from Kiev put the hosts into their place, however they didn’t allow the man to finish speaking.

“I don’t see an aggressor. You understand – if a person defends another person who is hurt, this is not an aggressor. So if people in Donbass are defended by Russians…”  said the man presented as Leonid.

“From whom?” interrupted the host Vitaly Dikiy.

“From whom? From the Ukrainian authorities, but not from the Ukrainian people,” specified the Kiev resident.

“Tell me, please, you don’t consider that it is already too much when another country interferes with the internal affairs of a neighboring state?” said the indignant Dikiy.

No, I don’t consider…” continued Leonid, however he wasn’t allowed to explain his position.

“That’s all, we finish the conversation,” interrupted the host.

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