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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Despite the unprecedented propaganda in the Ukrainian media and the reported public condemnation of “traitors going on vacation in the aggressor country”, a huge number of Ukrainians go for vacation for the May holidays in the Russian Crimea. So, the border service of Ukraine already published photos of a huge queue of cars at the “Chongar” and “Chaplynka” check points.

“As of 9:30 about 200 cars queue for departure from mainland Ukraine. Ukrainians in large quantities go for May holidays in Crimea, the queues at Chongar reached summer sizes,” it is said in the statements of the border service and Ukrainian public activists. Thus, the Ukrainian authorities dare to complain – by saying “the aggressor country shows its teeth”, and introduced a regime of strengthened checks on the borders after the breakthrough of terrorists and the continuous threats of Kiev “we will return Crimea”.

“It should be noted that reports about strengthened control also come from the Kerch crossing. Yesterday the waiting time for motorists wishing to reach Crimea via ferry from the mainland was from 2 to 5 hours,” notes “Politnavigator”.

“Among the most popular vacation spots of Ukrainians, experts note the southern coast, Yevpatoria, and Sevastopol. Many of them still have friends and relatives in Crimea, some go for vacation on the peninsula by habit. It is possible to note that the desire to swim, see relatives, to drink wines, and to ‘hang out’ prevail in the minds of ordinary Ukrainians,” already wrote the media about the season of 2016.

Residents of Ukraine in a much bigger quantity went in the summer of 2016 for vacation on the beaches of the allegedly “povertyridden” Crimean peninsula.

Seeing such a tendency, the Kiev authorities decided to urge patriotism in the people who saw real life in Crimea with their own eyes. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that it is necessary at the entrance of “Independent” Ukraine from Crimea to establish banners with the appeal “don’t give money to the aggressor”. There were also appeals to “ban vacation in Crimea” and even “punish those on vacation”.

And if it was only about Ukrainians! A video seen worldwide was filmed by the British tourists Dasha and Richard Hugg. According to the subjects of the English Queen, they visited Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Sudak, Balaklava, and also visited the mountain Ai-Petri. “Crimea may still be subject to sanctions (let’s not get into that…) but that didn’t stop having a great time travelling around the region in May 2016,” it is said in the video description.

Earlier, American private global intelligence company Stratfor known as “the shadow of the Pentagon and CIA” stated – Crimea will never return to the structure of Ukraine. Moreover, the international sociological polls also show that the population of western countries believe more and more that Crimea is Russian.

On the air of the telecast “Subjective Results of the Day” with the journalist Dmitry Gordon on the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne, one Ukrainian stated to all of Ukraine – Russia cares about the inhabitants of Crimea more than Ukraine does.

“Now the SBU and radicals are looking for the caller Mikhail from the Kharkov region – to punish him for ‘separatism’,” wrote Ukrainians on social media.

“I wonder why the ‘aggressor’ (Ukraine considers Russia as an “aggressor”) in Crimea cares about our Ukrainians much more? Their pension is higher than mine by four times, medicine is free, gas is much cheaper, and so on,” said the TV viewer.

“It is unclear who exactly is the aggressor. We created for ourselves an aggressor here inside, while outside it turns the ‘aggressor’ cares about our citizens, which is even surprising,” added the Ukrainian.

“The Ukrainians living in the territory of the Crimea don’t want to leave Russia, including the Crimean Tatars. My brother is a Crimean Tatar, and I tried to help him change his apartment, but he pointed a finger to his temple: nobody from there wants to go to Ukraine,” he said, destroying the Ukrainian propaganda about the “hungry and oppressed Crimea”.

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