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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Svetilkin Lanna (For more information about Svetlana, click here)

!!!!!!People!!!!!! Look what my friend sent me. She saw my Facebook status that included a extract from “Schindler’s List” decided to share her experience. My friend hosted a concert in Kiev today, and there such an unexpected, courageous initiative happened, which also so unexpectedly resonated. I give a quote:

“What a coincidence… today I revisited Schindler’s List… I sobbed. Here is why I started to watch it. The other day there was a concert of a class of a violinist from our school who moved from Lugansk. The girl, her pupil, played John Williams’ Lullaby For An Angel from this movie. Before her performance, the teacher got up (and it’s me who hosted the concert) and devoted this performance to the children who perished in Donbass, to the little angels… Svetlana, the entire hall SOBBED… I couldn’t go on stage to announce the next performance… For the remainder of the concert I spoke into the microphone from behind the curtain…”

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