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Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the website of government grants of the U.S. Department of State a new program in the “fight against censorship” in Ukraine was published. This program provides “the allocation of grants for corresponding NGOs, which will have to support free Ukrainian media”.

In other words – a foreign state will pay journalists, who for this money will be called “independent”.

First of all, Ukrainian media that will be able to use “innovative and effective practices to counter Russia in the information war” will be able to apply to receive “financial support” from the State Department. Each project chosen by the State Department will receive a grant of $350,000-$450,000 for a period of five years. The motto is “fight censorship” and “defend against Russian aggression”.

Free media hasn’t existed in Ukraine for already the fourth year, and the profession of the honest journalist became one of the most dangerous. Now this position will be strengthened by the dollars of the State Department. Also, “conducting training for journalists, activists, and experts in the IT sphere of Ukraine” is provided in the project, i.e. work on reformatting the consciousness of citizens will affect wide sectors of society, and not just journalists.

Dollars will begin to work in the “ATO” zone too – the State Department plans to allocate financial support to “the Ukrainian NGO ‘Dumka Donbass‘ for a schedule of television broadcasts designed to counteract Russian information propaganda” in order to “form Ukrainian civil consciousness among the inhabitants of both the under control and uncontrolled by Ukraine territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions”.

The US State Department also took into account historians and local ethnographers of Donbass – they now also have the chance to earn money. For this purpose it is necessary to start preparation of “scientific” work demonstrating that Donbass was always inhabited by proud and free Ukrainians and there never were Russians.

Joseph Goebbels could rightfully be proud of the officials of the US Department of State.

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